OBC Nashville Grand Opening & Homecoming 2017

August 27th 10am

“We have Arrived”

OBC Family, Friends, and Guest

Blessings to you from whom all blessings flow!  I pray that this communication finds you experiencing the fullness of God’s grace. As you may have either seen or heard about, the OBC Nashville construction project is nearing its end – halleluyah! The end is in sight and I am excited about it.  In advance of the project’s completion and our Homecoming move-in on August 27, here are a few items that our cause needs you to consider:

Special Offering

In the planning of the project, it was thought that we could repair the concrete area in front of the church. After further review, it has been determined that replacing, not repairing, is our only option. Due to this item not being in our construction budget, we will have to pay $22,000 separately. To that end, we will receive a special offering for the next two Sundays to pay for the concrete replacement. While $22,000 is a sizable amount for an individual; however, as a committed group of believers, our congregation is well-able to raise the money necessary. Make a payment online olivebranch.securegive.com.

Special Invitation

As you know, we are presently watering the seed that others have planted. There have been sooooooooooooooo many contributors to our success and I want as many of them to return for our first service on the August 27, as possible. While they may no longer be members, they are itched in our church’s memory as reasons for our being where we are today. If you know of someone who is no longer a OBC member, please encourage them to attend. It should be as great of a day for them as it is for us.  If you know their email addresses, please forward them to me. I’d like to send a special invitation to them. Also, starting on Wednesday July 26, we will have special Homecoming announcements that we’d like for you to share across all of your social media platforms.

Commemorative Worship Guide

August 27th will be a special day in the life of our church. Therefore, we need to celebrate it in a way that is befitting its importance. While we will have an especially intentional worship service that morning, it’s also important that we give special attention to the worship guide.  Thus, our cause needs your support in soliciting businesses, individuals, and organizations to purchase ads for our commemorative worship guide.  The following are the ad sizes and amounts:

The inside covers                            $250.00

The back cover                                 $300.00

Full page color                                 $120.00

Full page black and white            $100.00

Half page color                                 $65.00

Half page black and white            $60.00

Quarter page color                          $30.00

Name on Contributor List            $10.00

Please send your ad artwork to Billy Butler at bbutler@olivebranchchurch.org by August 16. Pay online, olivebranch.securegive.com.

Lastly,  thank you for all your support. What God is doing in us, to us and through us is simply and certainly amazing!

With love,

Pastor Vinnie