Community Outreach

Did you know 18% of the Olive Branch Church budget has been allocated specifically for community outreach?  The Church’s purpose is to continue to develop and enhance our three-pronged outreach ministry, which focuses on Illiteracy, Poverty and Hunger.


  • Chosen 300 is our community partner that allows us to provide a feeding program at home and abroad. The mission of Chosen 300 is to:  feed people of different membership groups together; helping them to realize that despite our differences in our race, ethnic group, denomination, social class, economic classes, or the diverse ways we practice our faith; we can unify ourselves for the common good.

    Since 2008 we have financed and supported a programd that feeds an entire village in Guyana, South AMerica.  Every month we provide
    100lbs of rice, 100 lbs of flour and 110 lbs of sugar.  Our adopted church in Guyana is Ascension Temple.
  • Feed America First is a faith-based hunger relief organization. It currently supply approximately food to 200 agencies, most often on a monthly basis. These agencies are on the front lines of the fight to eradicate hunger. These agencies include children’s homes and church pantries, homeless shelters and substance abuse recovery centers. We provide volunteer hours once a month. To assist Feed America First in their monthly food distribution, we volunteer monthly.  Our support helps to provide food for over 200 families in the local area.
    • Good Samaritans Purse an organization established “to meet emergency needs in crisis areas through existing evangelical mission agencies and national churches.”After World War II, Bob Pierce traveled throughout Asia as an evangelist and journalist with Youth For Christ.

Community Outreach

  • Honor Our Builders Program is an annual event that celebrates local persons who give back to their respective communities. Previously we have celebrated doctors, teachers and firemen.
  • Murfreesboro Middle Marathon takes place in Middle Tennessee and is an annual half marathon. For the past several years we have hosted a water station, many of whom are members of our church.
  • Stacy B. Windrow 5k Fun Run is an annual event that raises money for the YMCA’s youth program.  Since its inception, thousands of dollars have been donated to the YMCA youth programs from the proceeds of this program.  This event continues to be a prominent one for our church and community.
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