The Bait of Satan
The Bait of Satan
2012 “Church Reading”

Reading this book will change your
life and give you a totally different
outlook on offending others
and allowing yourself to be offended

Out Live Your Life
Out Live Your Life
2013 “Church Reading”

This book will give you a new outlook on
life as it relates to leaving a legacy to be
carried on long after you have left this world.

Daily Devotional
Daily Devotionals

The Daily Devotional gives you a chance
to commune daily with God.  It gives you
a daily re-charging of your spiritual battery.
Each Daily Devotional book is good for
three months.

OBC Bundle
OBC Bundle

Get your OBC Bundle today! This bundle
contains an OBC polo shirt, an OBC mug,
a luxury OBC umbrella, and a Daily
Devotional for just $25.

Beautiful OBC Coffee Mug

Be in style  with your OBC spill-proof
commuter mug. It has a removable
plastic top and looks good adorned
with OBC customized logo.

Leather Notepad
Black Refillable OBC Notepad

Majestic black leather case with the OBC logo.  Great for taking notes during Sunday service or Bible Study.  Get yours today while they last.


OBC Luxury Umbrella
OBC Luxury Umbrella

As Spring approaches, don’t be
caught in the rain without your
luxury OBC umbrella.

OBC T-Shirt
OBC T-Shirt

Absolutely great Spring-wear
t-shirt. This is great for wearing to
the church picnic and out to casual
events. 100% cotton and made to last.

songsSunday Morning Songs We Used To Sing

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